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About us

My name is Jim and I started J S Auto services in 1995 I've been in the motor trade most of my life right back to working in the workshop at the old Total garage ( now Waitrose ).

Work started with friends and family and grew to working for their friends and as families grow they need more cars and I've got busier!

I provide an honest and reliable service at a very competitive price with no hidden extras, a splash of washer fluid, sump washers and disposal of waste is all included! All wastes are disposed of with registered companies and in most cases recycled.

I've got a very well equipped workshop with up to date diagnostic equipment with many specialist tools for timing belts to head gaskets,clutches to suspension bushes!

If I can help I will, if I can't all the years of being in the trade I usually know someone who can.


Unit 7, Ayres Yard
Station Road
Wallingford OX10 0JZ

01491 826 717

Opening hours are 7.30 to 5pm weekdays

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